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Avira Security Antivirus & VPN for Android


Avira Antivirus Security is a program that can provide reliable protection for your device against malware and data theft.

Avira Antivirus Security program allows you to automatically scan applications when they are installed and updated, detect and block malware, and also has an anti-theft function. Thanks to it, you can track the location of your device on the map, remotely lock your device or delete all data from it, activate a loud sound signal that will work even in silent mode, and also allows you to contact the person who found your device in just one cry.

In addition, Avira Antivirus Security allows you to check if your email account or the accounts of your interlocutors have been hacked, as well as quickly notify them of a hack. The program includes a blacklist, to which you can add contacts and no longer receive calls and SMS from them.

A nice feature of Avira Antivirus Security is the device management through the web console. This allows you to view and change security settings remotely. One console can control up to 5 devices.

Avira Security Antivirus & VPN for Android

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