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Dr.Web Security Space for Android


This application will provide you with complete protection for your Android device, media player or game console on the Android TV platform.

Dr.Web Security Space provides reliable real-time protection and allows you to perform a full scan of the device’s file system and scan individual files and folders manually. In addition, the application has a number of additional features designed to protect the device and user’s personal data:

– Antispam.

With this feature, Dr.Web Security Space will protect your device from unwanted calls and messages. You can create your own filtering profiles and switch between them at the right time. The application saves a list of all blocked calls and messages, which will allow you to find out if any of the blocked contacts tried to contact you.

– Anti-theft.

In case of loss or theft of the device, you can always remotely erase all data and lock the device after the first reboot. Also, anti-theft in the Dr.Web Security Space application allows you to set a password for access to the device, remotely erase all data on the phone or SD card, send the GPS coordinates of your device as a link to Google Maps and display user-defined text on the device screen, in case of loss or theft. You can set a list of people who will be able to manage Anti-Theft and receive information about installing a new SIM card on your device after it is lost.

– Cloud filter Cloud Checker.

Dr.Web Security Space allows you to restrict access to Internet resources containing inappropriate content. Blocking is carried out in several categories, such as drugs, violence, and so on.

– Security Auditor.

This application allows you to diagnose your device and identify any security issues. Then, you will receive recommendations on how to fix them.

– Firewall.1

With Dr.Web Security Space, you can control the network activity of installed applications and filter external network traffic. You can also monitor incoming and outgoing traffic and view a detailed connection log, including information about the addresses and ports to which installed applications connect and the amount of incoming and outgoing traffic.

– Unlock from malicious applications.

If the device is infected with blocker trojans, Dr.Web Security Space allows you to terminate malicious processes even when the device is completely blocked and delete them from its memory without losing data. A nice feature of the program is the ability to counteract even those blockers that are not in the Dr.Web database.

Dr.Web Security Space for Android

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