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McAfee Mobile Security for Android

A software package that provides comprehensive protection of your Android phone or tablet from viruses and other threats. This tool guarantees the security of your personal data in case of loss or theft of the device, allowing you to backup and restore data, as well as detect the location of the device and track it, and protecting the device from viruses and spyware when working on the Internet and with applications.

Program features:

protection against viruses, spyware and phishing — perform checks and remove malicious code from attachments of incoming and outgoing emails, text messages, applications and files;
secure work on the Internet from a mobile device — protection against Internet threats by blocking links to unsafe sites in SMS messages, emails, QR codes and social networking sites;
Protecting your privacy with App Protection — Detecting apps that have access to personal data such as contacts, location information, photos and other personal information;
device lock — preventing unauthorized use of the phone and your personal information by remotely blocking all data, including data on the SIM card, and displaying a message like “Contact me” on the device;
remote data destruction — protection of your privacy thanks to the possibility of remote data deletion on the device and removable memory card in case of loss or theft of the device;
data backup and recovery — saving irreplaceable personal information on request or on a schedule, and then restoring it on a new device;
Location detection and tracking — Find a stolen or lost device. You can view its location on the map, send an SMS message to it demanding a refund and activate the alarm at a distance to play the siren sound.;
A means of blocking calls and SMS messages is a simple blocking of junk mail, incorrect numbers and unnecessary SMS messages.
protection against deletion — Do not allow the thief (or another user) to delete the application and gain access to your phone in case it is lost;
mobile device protection management;
remote control of the security of a mobile device using a convenient centralized web portal and even through simple SMS messages that can be sent from any smartphone or tablet.


McAfee Mobile Security for Android

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