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Microsoft Office (Microsoft 365) for Android


Microsoft Office is the official mobile application of the most recognizable office suite. Offers access to all the features and tools familiar from the desktop version of the software, and is also fully optimized for use on mobile phones and tablets running Android,

A simple solution for working with basic types of documents on a smartphone
Unfortunately, the need to make changes to documents may arise at any time, and the computer is not always at hand. In such cases, you have to work with documents using a smartphone and tablet. Finding the right program to work with a particular file format can be long and tedious. Luckily, Microsoft has released the official version of Office for Android mobile devices. Here you will find all the necessary tools for working with documents, as well as all the features that you are used to working in the desktop version of the package. And thanks to the support of the cloud data synchronization function, you can start editing a document on one device and finish on another, without having to send files to yourself by mail or using a memory card.

Learn more about the features of the Microsoft Office app for Android
The latest version of the program contains all the basic Microsoft tools for working with documents. Now you don’t have to look for each of them in the device’s memory separately, since they will be available in one place. About each of them in order:

Microsoft Word. The word processor that everyone has probably heard of. Allows you to create and edit text documents on the go.
Microsoft Excel. Spreadsheet tool. Offers a large selection of pre-installed templates or allows you to create tables from scratch.
Microsoft PowerPoint. An easy to use presentation tool. Allows not only to create and edit presentations, but also to rehearse their presentation using the speech coach.
office lenses. A convenient tool for digitizing paper documents. Allows you to take a picture of a document, improve the quality of the image and convert it to a format compatible with MS Office.
Microsoft Forms. A relatively new tool designed to create online surveys. It has the function of exporting results to Microsoft Excel.
It is important that Microsoft Office: Edit & Share for Android has support for cloud data synchronization via OneDrive. This allows you to always have up-to-date versions of documents on all user devices, as well as effortlessly share files with colleagues. Speaking of the latter, the application has full support for collaboration on all supported document types, thanks to the use of Outlook and MS Teams. Among other useful features of the application, it is worth noting the ability to create PDF documents and convert them to Word format and vice versa. At the same time, PDF files can not only be viewed, but also conveniently signed, right on the smartphone screen.

Unique features of the mobile version of Microsoft Office
A pleasant surprise will be the presence of a number of additional features available only when working with Office on smartphones. First of all, we are talking about a built-in QR code scanner, which will facilitate the exchange of data and make the transition to attached links much more convenient. Another interesting feature that the mobile version of the software received was the recording of voice notes, which you can then share with colleagues or keep for yourself as a reminder. The function received the appropriate name: “Notes”. It is also important that the application allows you to use the standard capabilities of mobile devices for the simplest and fastest exchange of documents between nearby devices.

The application works on smartphones and tablets with ARM or Intel x86 processors. The latest 4 versions of the Android operating system are supported, and for stable and smooth operation, you must use a gadget with at least 1 GB of RAM.

Please note that downloading the Microsoft Office: Edit & Share app for Android and using its basic features is completely free. Some features require authorization with a Microsoft account. To access advanced features, you must subscribe to a paid Microsoft 365 subscription.

Microsoft Office (Microsoft 365) for Android

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