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Microsoft OneDrive for iOS


Save any photos, videos, documents and other files on a safe and secure cloud storage and manage them directly from your mobile device.

With the OneDrive app, you can access your most important documents and any other data saved on the cloud at any time. Create new folders for easy storage of files, move, delete and rename files, and share them with family, friends and colleagues in a convenient way for you.

A nice feature of OneDrive for iOS is the automatic upload of new photos and videos to the cloud. This will allow you to free up device memory by clearing its gallery without fear of losing your favorite photos forever.

One of the main useful features of OneDrive is the ability to work with documents at any time, even while on the road. The program allows you to open files from the cloud in other applications, including Office applications. At the same time, you can share documents with your colleagues and continue to work together. At the same time, thanks to the convenient search for files and folders, as well as the ability to quickly switch to recently opened documents, you can get to work even faster.

Download OneDrive for iOS and access one of the most popular and trusted cloud storage services from your mobile device.

Microsoft OneDrive for iOS

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