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AdGuard for Windows


AdGuard is a desktop program that has everything you need to make visiting websites more enjoyable and safer. It offers an effective way to block any ads in different web browsers and Torrent clients for Windows.

This program is installed separately from the browser, so it affects all browsers installed on the computer. It supports many popular and not so popular browsers.

AdGuard blocks different types of ads. Pop-ups, videos, banners and other types of advertising will no longer distract and annoy you when visiting websites. The program constantly filters traffic, working in the background.

This program will also help make web sessions more secure. It continuously monitors the web pages that the user visits, compares them with its database, and blocks requests from suspicious and phishing pages.

AdGuard protects the user from trackers and analytical systems that can follow him. The program blocks third-party cookies, hides the user’s real IP address, and performs a whole range of measures to ensure the safety of personal data.

Parents will surely appreciate the parental control feature. It blocks access to websites with prohibited content, filters search results, and also allows parents to blacklist prohibited websites.

You can download AdGuard from our portal: it’s free, safe and fast.

AdGuard for Windows

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