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Adobe Bridge for Windows

2022 12.0.2

Adobe® Bridge CS5 is a powerful media asset management tool that gives you centralized access to all your work.

Adobe Mini Bridge. Access all the essential work assets associated with the current project with Adobe Mini Bridge (a customizable panel included with InDesign CS5 and Photoshop CS5). Filter and sort, then drag and drop files directly into your document.
Display linked files in InDesign documents. Get quick access to any page layout component with the ability to view related files in InDesign documents directly through Adobe Bridge CS5.
JPEG export. Convert any graphic, image, or document to JPEG directly in Adobe Bridge CS5. This will allow you to easily and easily share files through websites and galleries, email, etc.
Image resizing and watermarking in PDF for web galleries. Now it’s even more convenient to create web galleries. Add watermarks to PDF files, accurately resize images, and display filenames in HTML and SWF galleries with one click.

Adobe Bridge for Windows

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