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Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 for Windows

Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 is a modern vector graphics software. Illustrator (AI) helps you create eye-catching logos, colorful icons and graphics, and typography.

Vector graphics have the ability to adapt to any screen size, whether it’s a PC monitor, a billboard, or a mobile device screen, while maintaining image clarity. That is why the vector graphics editor is popular with professional designers. It is used in various areas of digital graphics and printing, as well as in the creation of illustrations, the development of multimedia resources such as videos, mobile applications, printed documents and others.

The editor is equipped with a modern managed interface that allows you to optimize the execution of tasks. It contains a complete package of multifunctional professional creative tools to save time.

Program features
Creating dynamic shapes with controlled corners, in which you can change the rounding radius;
Font management that allows you to embed company names in logos, create unusual website or leaflet layouts;
Sync fonts from the ever-growing Adobe Typekit library with your system using a feature included with Creative Cloud;
Place multiple files in Illustrator at the same time and manage them;
Synchronize any color themes you like on the Kuler website and get instant access to them from Illustrator;
Editing individual characters and fragments;
Adding special effects and changing styles;
Drawing by yourself – by hand;
Creating images for websites, blogs, presentations, social networks and other objects;
Work with almost all formats of graphic files, such as pdf, eps, fxg, psd, tiff, gif, jpeg, swf, svg, dwg, dxf and others.
The application runs under Windows. It is regularly updated and every time it expands its functionality. You can download the updated version of Adobe Illustrator 2019 in Russian for free on our website without registration.

Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 for Windows

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