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Adobe XD for Windows


Adobe XD is Adobe’s powerful interface design, prototyping, and presentation tool primarily for UI/UX designers.

It offers the ability to quickly and easily create simple layouts and wireframes, fast and intuitive prototyping, import vector objects from Photoshop, copy and mask images, and much more.

Key features of this application.

Fast and intuitive prototyping.
Easily create layouts and wireframes.
Import vector objects from Photoshop.
Hotkey support.
“Smart guides”.
Reuse text rhythm and style.
Text substyles.
Convert text to shapes.
Copying and masking images.
Possibility to repeat grid.
Preview on iOS devices with a USB connection.
Clickable prototypes with transitions between editing areas.
Using the user interface kit.
Share prototypes and leave comments.
The Note XD Starter Plan is available for free.

Adobe XD for Windows

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