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AntiCommandDangerScanFile for Windows


AntiCommandDangerScanFile – despite the fact that command file technology has been around for many years, and to many it seems outdated, but even in the latest versions of Windows®, these files are quite widely used. It would seem that these are just text files with commands, but a huge danger can lurk in them! Bat-viruses can easily disable the system and destroy all your data forever with just a couple of lines of code! The losses from such viruses are catastrophic! And most importantly – almost no modern anti-virus product does not respond to the threats of bat-viruses.

Just imagine the situation: to work with documents or other files, or for some other reason, you need to use a batch file (scripts in a command language can actually be very convenient and useful!) Which you either downloaded somewhere on the Internet, or someone sent you. And only the presence of a single line in this file (and there can be a lot of them and you may not notice the malicious code) when you run this file for execution, it can destroy all files in a given directory or on a given disk in a few seconds, disable the keyboard and mouse , clean up your desktop, or destroy all your family photos.

Yes, indeed, professional cybercriminals do not create bat-viruses due to script limitations (professional “hackers” are interested in stealing information, not destroying it), but the fact that the command script is easy to understand and accessible to everyone , makes bat-viruses a tool for real cyber-hooligans who seek to damage the system as much as possible and destroy it, along with your work and information.

But now you have a simple tool to detect dangerous commands in such files. Convenient, simple and fast! THIS IS NOT A PANACEA, but the proposed program recognizes most of the potentially dangerous commands, which, as a rule, is enough to ensure security against bat-virus threats.

AntiCommandDangerScanFile for Windows

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