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Antirun for Windows


Antirun is a convenient antivirus solution to protect the system from threats to infection from USB carriers (flash drives, memory cards, external hard drives, MP3-players, cameras and other media connected via USB port).


controls the connection of USB devices;
automatically recognizes launched objects;
allows you to safely open or extract the device;
allows you to remove the Autorun file and the object launched by it;
completely disconnects autostart, increasing safety;
displays an amplane about a free place on the disk.

does not conflict with other antiviruses;
effectively complements the work of the main antivirus;
does not inhibit the work of the PC and consumes a minimum of resources.
The program scans the devices inserted into the computer and automatically recognizes the auto -start file, displaying the name of the launched object and its icon. Allows you to open a disk to view the contents, without starting a malicious file. The program is easy to use, has a pleasant and understandable interface and does not need to update antivirus signatures.

Antirun for Windows

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