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Anvide Seal Folder for Windows


Anvide Seal Folder is a folder protection program. With its help, you can add the desired folder to the list of protected objects and put it in the protected status. After that, other users will not be able to view the contents of the folder.

The program is completely portable, ie. does not require installation, which allows you to use it on a flash drive.

Program features
Simple and convenient user interface. You can very quickly learn how to use the program without even resorting to help;
The presence of “hot” keys allows you to work even faster;
Works portable. Does not require installation with the operating system;
It is convenient to use the program on removable media;
Skin support. You can easily change the appearance;
Small distribution size. A little over a megabyte;
Available to work from the command line;
The program is free to use;
There is a built-in mode “Run from removable media”, which allows you to transfer and use the program, which is located on a USB flash drive along with protected folders.

Anvide Seal Folder for Windows

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