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BullGuard Antivirus for Windows


BullGuard Antivirus – provides multi-level protection for your computer against the most common threats. This program includes an anti-virus module, which is complemented by modules to protect against spam and malicious code. This antivirus solution offers all the basic protection mechanisms most Windows users would need.

A significant advantage of this program is the low load on the system, which allows you to use it even on not the most powerful computers. BullGuard Antivirus uses a behavior analysis engine that allows you to detect potential threats even before I have time to harm the system. In addition to that, it continuously monitors the files on your hard drive and the websites you visit, ensuring that your computer is always protected. Of course, this antivirus can scan your computer on demand. Like other programs in this category, it offers several scanning modes: fast, full and custom.

The first one is intended for a superficial check, the second one is for a more complete one, and the last one is for checking the specified folders and files. If infected and potentially dangerous files are detected, the antivirus places them in quarantine. There you can decide what to do with the files: delete, disinfect or restore. Do you want to protect your computer from viruses? Download BullGuard Antivirus.

BullGuard Antivirus for Windows

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