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Dolab Security for Windows

Simple Firewall is, as the name suggests, a simple firewall for Windows. It provides an additional layer of computer protection against online threats.

Please note that Administrator rights are required for the program to work.

Firewall settings
Setting up the program corresponds to the name, everything is simple and clear. Select the operating mode, programs to which the new restrictions will be applied, and click the “Apply Changes” button. This completes the setup.

Simple Firewall offers 4 modes of operation
Default Mode – allows access to the Internet to all programs, except for those added to the list;
White List Mode – blocks access to the Network for all programs, except for those on the list;
Disable Firewall – simply disables the firewall;
Block Internet Connection – completely blocks access to the Internet for all programs.
Firewall Features
Simple Firewall allows you to add up to 20 programs to the list. Each of these programs can be enabled/disabled with a checkbox. If the firewall rules are changed by another user or program, the program will fix this and restore the original rules.

This is a very simple way to restrict network access to programs installed on your computer, for additional computer security.

Dolab Security for Windows

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