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DOS LIVE CD LITE for Windows

DOS LIVE CD LITE is a new version of the popular boot disk. Version 1.2 includes everything that makes DOS a modern operating system. No one has ever tried to collect all the developments of third-party manufacturers in order to make a serious version of DOS. A lot of work has been done. For 6 months we have been trying to make friends between the local network and usb devices, DOS NAVIGATOR and basic memory.

We found drivers for more than 100 network cards that are automatically detected and configured on your PC, we connected in a bare DOS USB, we collected the rarest programs and drivers that many users would not even dream of. All this was integrated into a simple “at first glance” boot disk.

Remember when booting from DOS LIVCE CD LITE that only one work with it dispels 10 stereotypes about DOS as a system at once! Fixed errors when working with memory, network, USB. This version is not final yet. Therefore, there may be separate problems on different machines. Basically, this only applies to owners of embedded devices and computers based on ATHLON 64…

DOS LIVE CD LITE for Windows

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