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Dr. Web KATANA for Windows


Dr.Web KATANA is a whole range of anti-virus technologies designed to provide reliable preventive protection against the latest threats.

Dr.Web KATANA will reliably protect your PC from all kinds of viruses and attacks, including through zero-day vulnerabilities that are still unknown to other antiviruses. The fact is that the program does not compare the data obtained during the analysis of running processes with virus databases, which may not be up to date. Instead, it is proactive and analyzes running programs to detect suspicious or potentially malicious processes.

The program starts working immediately after starting the computer, while consuming very few system resources. This means you don’t have to sacrifice security and close your antivirus to improve PC performance.

When any threats are detected, Dr.Web KATANA (Kills Active Threats And New Attacks) acts with lightning speed. The program immediately stops malicious scripts and processes even before your antivirus detects them.

Since the program is not signature-based, that is, it does not require virus databases, it can work without access to the Internet and is able to deal with any threats, including attacks using “zero-day” vulnerabilities.

It is also worth noting that Dr.Web KATANA does not conflict with other anti-virus software and can work in conjunction with solutions from other developers, which will help make your PC protection even more reliable.

Download non-signature antivirus Dr.Web KATANA for Windows from our website and protect your computer from any threats, even those not yet known to other antiviruses.

Dr. Web KATANA for Windows

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