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EaseUS Disk Copy Home for Windows


EaseUS Disk Copy Home is a program designed to create a bootable USB flash drive or CD / DVD drive, which, in turn, is designed to clone entire logical partitions and hard drives. This program does not need installation and allows you to get ready-to-use media in a few clicks. The program itself is extremely easy to use. After starting, you will see a window where you can create a USB flash drive, CD / DVD disk or ISO image with just a couple of clicks. Due to the small size of the image, the creation process takes a little time. When the bootable media is ready, you can get to work.

EaseUS Disk Copy Home makes an exact copy of the specified hard drive or partition. This means that not only its content, but also its structure will be preserved in its original form. The program can copy partition to partition, disk to disk, or create a disk/partition image. It can be used to move from one drive to another, or to backup data. In addition to this, you can use this tool to backup specific files and folders. Thanks to the built-in filter and scheduler, the program can be configured so that it will automatically copy the specified types of files, and you will always have a spare copy of them. The program can do full, incremental and differential backups. Need to move Windows from one hard drive to another? Create partition image? Backup files? Download EaseUS Disk Copy Home.

EaseUS Disk Copy Home for Windows

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