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Free firewall for Windows


Free Firewall is a personal, free firewall that acts as a replacement for the standard Windows security tools. It controls how and what is installed on your computer and stops suspicious attempts to connect to the network and transfer data.

Program features
It compiles a complete list of all programs and processes installed on your computer, marks active and inactive using color indication. They can be filtered by name, as well as blocked access to the network or removed from the list. Keep in mind, removing from the list does not stop the process/program itself.

In Free Firewall, you can set access rules for each process and program from the list. Thus, it provides full control over what and when is connected to the network. In addition, the firewall has two modes of operation. In one, it allows all programs to access the Internet, even if they are unknown or do not have set rules. In the second, on the contrary, it blocks everything in general.

This firewall will help prevent the leakage of your sensitive data by controlling which programs can connect to the network and which cannot.

Free firewall for Windows

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