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GlassWire for Windows


GlassWire is a firewall and network monitor for Windows that will help protect your computer from online threats. It monitors network activity, visualizing it using colorful graphs. Thus, you can easily see, analyze network activity, and find out what caused sharp jumps.

Using GlassWire, you can quickly identify and eliminate potential network threats. It is able to detect malicious hosts and ARP-spoofing, fix sudden changes in system files and applications, DNS spoofing. The program immediately notifies the user about this, giving the opportunity to take appropriate action.


Thanks to the GlassWire firewall, you can at any time what processes and applications connect to the network and what they do. It shows which servers the computer has connected to in the past and which ones it is currently connected to, allowing you to immediately block potentially dangerous ones. It is worth noting that the program provides information for the last 30 days.

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GlassWire for Windows

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