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Hamachi for Windows

Hamachi is software that organizes a secure network of computers connected via the Internet. Easy to use, supports Russian language. Compatible with Windows XP (SP3), Server 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

Overview of the program and functions
Hamachi is a system in which secure virtual networks are organized. To establish a connection between two computers use a remote network node. However, the transfer of information occurs directly between computers, without the participation of a third party. This ensures the protection of transmitted data.

Hamachi is distributed shareware. The basic version has a number of limitations:

network creation cannot exceed 5 computers;
network creation is possible only in one form (mesh network);
it is forbidden to use for commercial purposes.
Globally, Hamachi solves two problems:

creation of a secure communication channel within the Internet. Suitable for data exchange, or for building a secure local area network in the office. However, keep in mind that the use of the program for business support purposes is possible only when purchasing a paid version.
organization of a local network for the joint passage of a computer game. Thanks to this feature, the application is popular among gamers, as it allows you to play together in games that do not have their own servers, or only support local network play. For example, Hamachi is often downloaded to play Minecraft.
Program Benefits
Hamachi has the following advantages:

The user can observe all members of the network to which he is connected and communicate with them.
The creator of the network has the ability to control the connection of other users to it.
There is a tool to check the connection with each connected network member.
The ability to independently diagnose the network and determine the source of communication problems.
Automatic app update.

Hamachi for Windows

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