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Hosts Virus Detector for Windows


Hosts Virus Detector Hosts Virus Detector is a program for determining the causes of problems with access to popular sites. Using the program allows you to detect on the computer the substitution of IP addresses received from the Windows DNS service.

The program works as a DNS client. Let’s say a user has a problem logging in to the Vkontakte website. Hosts Virus Detector, imitating the work of a browser, receives the IP address of the Vkontakte website, which is reported to it by the Windows DNS service. Then, the program sends a direct query to the DNS server of the user’s provider. The response received from the DNS server is compared with that received from Windows.

If the answers are different, there is a change in the DNS record for the checked domain. The program is free, does not require installation, supports checking DNS records in any domain zones. To get started, you just need to run the program (the Internet must be turned on), select a domain (site) from the list in the program, or specify your own and click on the “check site” button. The program will analyze the site for IP address spoofing and return the result.

Hosts Virus Detector for Windows

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