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Junkware Removal Tool for Windows


Junkware Removal Tool is a utility specially designed to detect and remove a huge number of all kinds of malicious and advertising objects from computers running Windows.

Junkware Removal Tool will help you clean your computer of malware while leaving harmless objects intact. To do this, the program will scan your computer and remove not only all detected adware, junk, malware or potentially unwanted objects, but also all traces of their presence.

This program will be useful to you in cases where the computer, for some unknown reason, has become slower, as this may be the result of malware. In addition, it will help in the fight against pop-up advertising messages, including Conduit advertising panels, as well as all kinds of toolbars and browser helper applications, such as MyWebSearch, IncrediBar, Ask, Babylon, Coupon Printer and many others.

Junkware Removal Tool will help you get rid of unwanted extensions generated in Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers. All that is required for this is to run the program and press literally any key.

The main feature of the program is its portability. This means that you do not need to install it on your computer: just run it from a “flash drive”, or after copying it to your hard drive. And thanks to its small size, you can start cleaning your PC instantly, without the need to free up additional memory.

It is worth adding that Malwarebytes Junkware Removal Tool is fast and allows you to clean your entire computer in just a couple of minutes.

Did you find an unnecessary toolbar or browser extension on your computer? Then download Junkware Removal Tool and securely protect your PC from unwanted programs.

Junkware Removal Tool for Windows

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