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LightyearVPN for Windows


LightyearVPN is a VPN service that will make the user’s presence on the network invisible, protect against surveillance and data leakage, and open access to blocked websites.

Free and secure connection
This service provides access to numerous servers for indirect connection and traffic routing. The geography of server locations is very extensive: USA, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Germany, France, Ireland, India, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey and the UK.

As in the case of analogues, to access the service you need to create an account and subscribe to a paid subscription. In addition to Windows, it is also available on other desktop and mobile operating systems. You can connect up to 5 different devices to one account.

LightyearVPN offers minimal settings. Therefore, it is easy to use. To establish a connection, just select a country/server and press the connect button. The application uses a number of technologies to ensure a stable and secure connection.

Key features
Large selection of servers around the world;
One-click connection;
Simple interface.

LightyearVPN for Windows

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