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Lim Flash Security for Windows


Lim Flash Security is a free convenient tool for restoring hidden data on flash drives, as well as removing flash viruses. The program will easily restore the operability of the flash drive after the work of the virus, which creates a bunch of labels and makes all the folders hidden. In the usual way, it is not always possible to remove secrecy from the folder, but the program will do everything for you.

There are cases when the installed antivirus removes all the viruses to flash drives, but there will be no antivirus, the lim flash security software will also help. Well, if you insert a viral flash drive, then this program will indicate everything that can harm your data will help clear the flash drive from the virus and restore all the data as they were.

The program does not load the system can constantly be kept running and check all the flash drives inserted into the computer. A convenient interface will allow you to easily manage the program and perform the necessary operations.

Lim Flash Security for Windows

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