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Malwarebytes for Windows

Malwarebytes is a tool to detect spyware, trojans and other malicious threats that will protect your PC with full high-speed scanning technology. The program guarantees full-fledged computer security in real time and performs a scan for immediate threats in an accelerated manner.

To download Malwarebytes for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista (32-bit, 64-bit) and XP (32-bit only), make sure you have an active internet connection to register and continuously update the product, database.

Full check when scanning all disks;
Using a quarantine zone for probable negative files, with the possibility of their recovery;
The black list of exclusions will help speed up the work of the protection and scanning module;
Automatic detection and elimination of spyware, rootkits and other malware, including the latest threats, thanks to daily signature updates;
Blocking ransomware with proactive file protection;
Neutralizes attempts to follow links to infected sites and warns you about downloading malware that slows down your computer;
Reflection of hacker attacks to protect confidential information and prevent hacking of bank accounts;
Manual removal of viruses while running additional programs: Anti-Rootkit, Chameleon, Anti-Malware;
On-demand scan via the context menu.
The freesoft.ru service grants the right to use the program document to everyone. You don’t need to register to download MalwareBytes for PC for free.

Malwarebytes for Windows

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