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Mask Surf Lite for Windows


Mask Surf Lite is a program to protect your privacy while surfing the web. Safety is paramount – and we protect our computers with antivirus software, firewalls, and other protections. Privacy is the foundation of security, but we access the Internet without thinking for a moment about the need to protect our privacy.

Your IP address or, in other words, your computer ID, as well as your computer’s geographic location, your OS language, and other details are tracked and very often recorded for future use on every site you visit while surfing the World Wide Web. Mask Surf Lite allows you to hide or disguise your identity while using the Internet. This is achieved through the use of Tor – a network of anonymous servers that allow any person or organization to protect information transmitted to the Internet from viewing by outsiders and determining the location of the sender.

Information between servers is transmitted via an encrypted channel using the SSL protocol. Each server knows only from whom it received information and to whom it transmits. And since each server sees only one link in this chain before and after itself, this makes it impossible to determine the original destination and recipient. Now you understand how it works, and although it may seem complicated, we have designed the interface of Mask Surf Lite to be as simple as possible. All you have to do is run the program, click Start surfing anonymously and start browsing the Internet anonymously.

Working with Firefox is enabled in Settings. Mask Surf Lite is a universal tool for anonymity on the Internet. In addition to protecting your right to anonymity, the program provides the ability to clean up browser traces on your computer, so that your Internet activity is also protected from intrusion from within. Mask Surf Lite supports a wide range of Internet programs and runs on Windows 2000XP operating systems.

Mask Surf Lite for Windows

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