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Microsoft Excel for Windows


Microsoft Excel is a program that is used to edit, process and analyze information in spreadsheets, we recommend downloading Microsoft Excel. The utility will help to maintain the financial statements of the company or personal accounting. Microsoft Excel is released for Windows and Mac OS as part of Microsoft Office, and also works on Android, iOS, Windows Phone phones. The application is an analytical program with the ability to draw graphs, charts and calculate functions. You can download Microsoft Excel without restrictions and ads, for free.

Consider the characteristics
The application uses mathematical formulas for economic and statistical calculations.
Excel allows you to insert diagrams and drawings on the worksheet that greatly increase the visualization of information.
The utility creates text and numerical tables that simplify sorting and detailing the material.
Application cells are formatted, used to build graphs, charts, summary reports.
After analyzing the calculations, the utility recommends graphs and charts that are suitable for the information being processed.
The “trend” function helps in making forecasts.
Built-in search will find the information you need in 1 second.
Cloud services allow a group of users to work on one file with the ability to edit the document.
On our site you can download free Microsoft Excel for your computer, phone or tablet.

Microsoft Excel for Windows

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