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Microsoft OneDrive for Windows


In the modern world, the ability to be mobile is valued. If you want to move freely and have access to the content you need at any time, you need to download Microsoft OneDrive. The program was named in 2014, but worked before under the name “SkyDrive”.

The Microsoft OneDrive app for Windows lets you store files online. You are no longer tied to a device, you can open a document anywhere in the world.


make edits, do not be dependent on a personal computer;
work offline: the presence of the Internet does not play a role;
do not worry about file security, documents are encrypted;
open access to materials to those who need it;
Be productive with the latest Office apps at your fingertips.
independently set the storage period for links to the file.
Downloading Microsoft OneDrive is easy. Now you can refuse large attachments in letters, from removable media. If you want to share information with colleagues and friends, just send them a link to the document. Using the program is convenient and pleasant.

Microsoft OneDrive for Windows

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