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Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows


If you need antivirus and antispyware at the same time, which quickly protects your home PC from viruses, spyware and dangerous objects, we recommend downloading Microsoft Security Essentials.

Developed by Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows.

Windows Defender lets you take full advantage of built-in anti-malware protection for your PC. You can download Microsoft Security Essentials as a comprehensive protection for both early releases of the operating environment, and 8, 10 series.

The program integrates into the firewall, monitors and cleans the environment in real time, preventing rootkits, the introduction of which can adversely modify the OS kernel.

Application Features
It is easy to install and use.
To avoid conflicts, the installation of the application implies the preliminary removal of already installed anti-virus software.
Update files are regularly downloaded to be able to recognize new threats.
Works in the background, without loading the operating system, without affecting the speed of the computer.
The settings describe how files are handled. Zipped documents are first unpacked and then scanned.
Downloaded files and email attachments are automatically checked.
Our site will allow you to download free Microsoft Security Essentials for your computer.


Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows

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