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Microsoft Windows Defender is a program designed to protect information on your computer. This utility is a reliable threat checking tool created by the developers of Windows.

The Defender application provides protection for files stored on the computer, searches for malware. Defender is free, if other sites offer you to download Windows Defender for a fee, it means that scammers are trying to take your money. The program comes with the OS and does not require settings. The Defender is updated daily and keeps the signature database up to date, which ensures reliable protection of files on your hard drive.

Defender, just like similar virus scanning programs, allows you to scan your PC on a schedule or run a scan in manual mode. To do this, open “Windows Settings”, the menu “Update and Security”, the item “Windows Security”.

The software is also used to check email attachments; again, this can be done manually. Defender is responsible only for the reliability of files stored on disks. And the SmartScreen Filter service is responsible for checking documents downloaded through the Internet Explorer or Edge browser.

If this useful program is not available on your computer, you can download Microsoft Windows Defender for your computer for free at freesoft.ru.

Microsoft Windows Defender for Windows

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