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Microsoft Word for Windows

You can download Microsoft Word 2016 for review on our website. The application is included in the office suite 2016. The program is indispensable in working with texts. Used by Microsoft Word for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and even Windows XP.

With a text editor, the user can:

create and edit documents of unlimited size;
draw up coursework;
create postcards;
prepare books for publication;
format text;
change the appearance of paragraphs and font;
change page layout;
insert images, charts, graphs, create tables.
If you download Microsoft Word 2016, then after installation you can make sure that this is an improved application of 2013.

Inherited user-favorite minimalist design.
Application control is adapted for touch devices that support multi-touch gestures – tablets and transformers.
In the application, sharing is simplified.
In order for several users to work at the same time, you will need to save the file in the cloud storage.

During operation, a version log is maintained. It allows you to undo erroneous corrections or restore an unsaved file. A functional intelligent search has been implemented, which quickly finds information both by word and by phrase. The application implements handwriting formulas. For this, a handwriting-enabled device is used. The program converts the written formula to printed form.

We remind you once again that you can download Microsoft Word for a computer for free without registration on our website.

Microsoft Word for Windows

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