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Network Shield Firewall for Windows


NetworkShield Firewall is a next-generation enterprise firewall designed to provide Internet access, secure networks, and accurately account for user traffic. The program runs under Windows 2000/XP/2003. NetworkShield Firewall is specifically designed for use in complex networks where increased reliability and manageability are required.

A set of enhancements such as unique ACC protection technology, recovery mechanisms, and simple and logical management provide ample opportunities for building and controlling networks. NetworkShield Firewall combines speed, compactness, and reliability with a powerful, high-performance NAT-enabled network driver.

Features such as DNS Forwarding, Active Directory support, a clear and efficient control panel with a set of wizards greatly simplify the network setup process. Of particular importance is full compatibility with components of Microsoft server products. All users are provided with free technical support by the best specialists by phone, e-mail, icq, as well as on the official forum of the program.

Network Shield Firewall for Windows

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