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Norton Power Eraser for Windows

Norton Power Eraser – an application to neutralize the most destructive hacker programs that are deeply rooted in the OS and invisible to antivirus applications, you will need to download Norton Power Eraser. The utility allows you to deactivate malicious and fraudulent applications if other scanning options fail. Use Norton Power Eraser for Windows, interface language is English. The program has a free software license that allows you to download Norton Power Eraser for free.

Consider the features of a virus removal application
Installation of the program is not required. The interface is clear without help documentation. Internet is required to work.
If, due to a virus attack, the PC cannot be booted in standard mode, then it is possible to go into safe mode and run Norton Power Eraser.
The utility analyzes the environment for the presence of hacker tools – rootkits. Detects and neutralizes hacker scripts to compromise the user environment.
The program detects and removes Scareware pseudo-antiviruses that issue false security messages that frighten the user and imitate the removal of malware after agreeing to download the virus.
The utility neutralizes Rogueware and Crimeware rogue anti-viruses that offer to send a paid SMS after scanning the computer or buy a license for the program. Messages obsessively appear on the desktop, in the tray, in the browser. Cybercriminals provoke the user to download software that hacks the system, promising to get rid of the viruses they find.
The application uses super-aggressive scan methods when looking for malicious codes. Can consider harmless and useful programs as possibly dangerous and delete them by mistake. Before starting, we recommend that you archive the current state of the system. To restore unfairly deleted files, a saved session is launched and unwanted actions are undone.
On our site it is allowed to download free Norton Power Eraser for your computer.

Norton Power Eraser for Windows

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