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PrivateTunnel is a VPN client for Windows computers. It is designed not only to provide reliable protection even in public networks, but also to gain access to services that are not available in your area.

A few words about PrivatTunnel
Here is a program that will help you access your favorite sites and services, even if they are not available in your region. This will be especially useful for those who travel frequently, but will also help you connect to some foreign services that only work in certain countries. However, another feature of the program is more important. PrivateTunnel VPN creates a secure tunnel to transmit all your traffic in encrypted form, making it inaccessible to hackers. At the same time, the program replaces your real location data, thereby hiding your real ip-address, which will save you from surveillance and protect you from hacker attacks.

Please note that you need to register an account to use PrivateTunnel. After confirmation of solvency, you will be given a free trial period for 7 days.

From our site you can always download the latest version of PrivateTunnel for Windows for free.

private tunnel for Windows

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