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ReHIPS is a program based on documented, certified and secure built-in Windows mechanisms. It is compatible with all current versions of Windows from Windows Vista SP1 to Windows 10 and does not require frequent updates. There are 32-bit and 64-bit versions of ReHIPS. It is equipped with Anti-Spy technology that protects you from spying.

It protects against day 0 attacks, exploits and viruses. Including previously unknown threats. It works completely offline and does not require internet access. It includes a database of original rules, which has more than 400 applications. This database is regularly updated. It allows you to isolate any untrusted application with limited access to the network and other system resources, including file system and registry objects. It is compatible with other security solutions. It is equipped with the unique DeployHelper technology, which allows you to install the program immediately in an isolated environment. The desktop is a frontier of safety. Only ReHIPS uses separate desktops for protection.

ReHIPS for Windows

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