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Rogue Killer for Windows

RogueKiller – the program will allow you to clean and scan your computer for malicious applications – this is the main function, it works for free. But the paid version also works, where the level of security will be much higher, and it will also be possible to more accurately configure RogueKiller for windows.

Essential skills to use
removes malware;
reveals hidden processes;
monitors autoload and looks for malicious entries there;
returns the modified system files to their normal state;
fights ransomware.
Can be used as a shortcut repair and HOSTS file application. If the DNS or proxy server has been spoofed, RogueKiller will help fix the violation.

If you download RogueKiller, you can regularly scan any suspicious file or document, after a full scan, the program will show all suspicious programs and suggest solutions. This is a convenient way to secure your PC.

Additional abilities
automatically creates an update;
can be used in command line mode;
custom scan.
You can download RogueKiller for PC for free on our website.

Rogue Killer for Windows

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