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SpyShelter Firewall for Windows


SpyShelter Firewall is a reliable firewall for Windows. This program provides comprehensive system protection. It will help protect your computer from intruders and various types of network threats. It’s easy to set up and doesn’t slow down your computer.

SpyShelter Firewall provides two-way protection for your computer. On the one hand, this firewall will prevent an attacker from connecting to your computer and gaining control over it or accessing personal data. On the other hand, it will not allow unwanted programs to connect to the Internet.

This program provides real-time protection of the ward system. SpyShelter reliably protects the system registry, RAM, and other system vulnerabilities, preventing malicious code from getting into it. It also protects the Windows clipboard by preventing you from following or extracting information from it.

SpyShelter will help you keep your privacy online. The program will not allow malware to take a screenshot of the screen, record sound from a microphone or video / photo from a webcam without your knowledge. In addition, the firewall blocks keyloggers that can intercept what you type. It will protect you from spying and personal data leakage.

SpyShelter Firewall will prevent Trojans, spyware and other types of malware from infecting your system. The program provides proactive protection for your computer, ensuring the safety of important data. And if you suspect that a file may be infected, the program will help you download and check it on VirusTotal.com.

SpyShelter Firewall is a reliable barrier that will protect you and your computer from external threats and prevent leakage of important or personal data. You can download this firewall from FreeSoft.ru for free, safely and quickly.

SpyShelter Firewall for Windows

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