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TorGuard for Windows


TorGuard is a program that will provide anonymity on the Internet. It prevents third party systems and trackers from collecting user data when visiting websites.

Application Features
As with most other VPN apps, you need to create an account to use this app. When you first start, you must log in to get all the benefits of the service.

The application itself has a compact interface that provides access to options and allows you to connect to a VPN network with one click. Before connecting, you can select the server, encryption protocol/algorithm.

To get the most out of TorGuard, you can turn to numerous settings. In the settings, you can enable automatic connection, minimize to tray, display notifications, etc. These are the basic settings. There are also more advanced ones. For example, you can activate the closing of some applications when the VPN connection is broken, the launch of scripts in different situations, etc.

In general, this is a very useful application that will allow you to go online anonymously and not worry about the confidentiality of personal data. It combines a simple interface with advanced settings.

TorGuard for Windows

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