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Trojan Remover for Windows


Trojan Remover is a fast and easy-to-use antivirus program designed to scan your computer on demand and detect various types of malware, including viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and adware.

The program checks various areas of the system: registry, service DLL libraries, web browser files, Host file, system scheduler, etc.

You can scan with Trojan Remover as an entire computer, as well as individual drives, folders, and even archives. The program also has a filter that will allow you to exclude certain files from scanning (for example, system files). During the computer scan, the program scans files and checks against the anti-virus database, identifying potentially dangerous ones.

If malware is detected, it will show a notification on the screen, provide information about the location and name of the infected file, and rename it to prevent its further activation.

Trojan Remover creates a log file every time it scans a computer, in which it records information about the results of the scan and the actions taken. This log can be opened in regular Notepad or printed.

The program includes the FastScan component, which is configured to automatically scan the computer each time it is turned on in order to detect malware in the boot sector. If necessary, it can be disabled and started manually.

This program will not replace a full-fledged antivirus. It is designed specifically to check your computer on a regular basis. So if you doubt the health of your computer, download Trojan Remover.

Trojan Remover for Windows

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