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Tunnelbear for Windows

TunnelBear is an application that will help you protect your personal data online and protect yourself from outside threats.

Program features
The program adds an additional layer of protection when establishing a connection between a computer and a remote server using an anonymization service and encryption algorithms. Thanks to this, you can not worry that your traffic will be intercepted by unauthorized persons.

In addition to protecting information, this program is able to hide your actual IP address by replacing it with the IP address of a server from another country. This allows you to bypass regional restrictions that are imposed on some websites.

The user only needs to select the preferred server in any country from the list and connect to it. After connecting, all traffic will pass through the selected server, and personal data is hidden from everyone.

Another good thing about TunnelBear is blocking ads, scripts, trackers and other unwanted elements on websites.

Tunnelbear for Windows

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