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Ultrasurf is a program originally designed to bypass the Great Firewall of China by PRC residents. Now it is available worldwide and allows you to bypass regional restrictions on access to any sites and resources on the network.

Here is a free program that will allow you to securely access any Internet site at any time, even if it is not available in your region. To do this, Ultrasurf creates a securely encrypted tunnel to transfer user data. In turn, this allows you to protect yourself from the actions of hackers and secure the transmitted information from interception or tracking.

A nice feature of the program is the absence of the need for installation. Just download the archive with the program to your computer, extract the exe file from it and just run it for safe access to your favorite sites. A secure tunnel will be created automatically. When launched, Ultrasurf will launch the Google Chrome browser in incognito mode.

Program features
Maximum ease of use.
No need for installation.
Automatic creation of a secure tunnel.
Providing access to resources not available in your region.
Hiding the real location of the user.
Protection of transmitted data from interception.
High page loading speed.
Please note that in order to use the program, you must install the latest version of Google Chrome.

Looking for a way to easily secure your internet connection? Then download Ultrasurf for Windows from our website.

ultrasurf for Windows

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