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USB antivirus for Windows


USB antivirus-viruses, trojan and other malware are increasingly using flash cards, portable hard drives and cameras with memory SD cards. At the same time, popular antiviruses cannot give 100% protection against recently emerging threats (which are not in their database). As a result, hacked accounts, stolen passwords, spam streamed from friends and an obsessive fear of connecting your flash drive to someone else’s computer appear.

Now there is a solution – with the “USB antivirus” program, you will forever protect yourself from threats associated with infected flash drives over three clicks of the button
System protection, after which you can connect other people’s USB-flash drives to your computer, portable hard drives and CD-R discs without fear of infecting the system immediately when connecting
Removing viruses from the flash drive, in the process of which all malicious files from flash carriers will be deleted (with your consent)
The immunization of the USB carrier, after which not a single virus will be terrible for your flash drive, and you can give it to anyone without fear of picking up a computer infection. The USB program does not require installation, takes a minimum of space, does not need a fine setting, does not ask for updating viral bases and does not speak in a human voice. USB Antivirus will simply once and for all provide one hundred percent protection of flash drives from active infection.

USB antivirus for Windows

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