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USB Flash Drive Control for Windows

USB Flash Drives Control is a free program that runs from the Windows system tray. It provides a method for managing USB drives connected to the computer. Options are managed through menus called by right-clicking on the icon in the system tray.

It also shows a list of all USB devices connected to the computer. Use the left click on the icon to open the list of drives from which you can open any of them and view its contents.

USB Flash Drives Control consists of two parts: a graphical interface for configuring the application, and a Windows service that applies the settings to the accounts of all users on the local computer. Three operating modes are available:

Read Mode – read-only mode for data from the device. In this mode, no other file manipulations are available;
Write Mode – data reading mode. This mode allows data to be written to the drive, allowing you to copy and edit files on it;
Execute Mode – this mode blocks devices from starting automatically when connected, protecting your computer from worms, Trojans and other malware that spreads through USB drives.
These modes apply to all users and ports on the computer. However, they do not apply to already connected devices. Connected drives must be disconnected and reconnected.

Key features of the program
Intuitive and user-friendly interface;
Enable / disable USB ports with one click;
Blocking of reading, writing and access to drives;
Displaying the volume and free space of connected drives;
Displaying the number of devices;
View the contents of drives.

USB Flash Drive Control for Windows

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