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USB secure for Windows


USB Secure is a lightweight program that offers a simple solution to the problem of protecting files on a USB flash drive. Prevent unauthorized access to your files by unauthorized persons.

About the program
One of the main advantages of the program is the ability to install it on a USB flash drive and run it on other computers. Of course, it is necessary that the flash drive is connected to the computer during installation.

When everything is installed and the program is running, all that remains is to set a password that will guard your files. Without knowing this password, access to files will be impossible. Therefore, it is highly recommended to remember the password well or write it down in a safe place.

USB Secure protects what the user, i.e. you, will tell him. It can restrict access to files or folders. In the case of folders, all subfolders are also protected.

The interface is simple and understandable. It mimics the shape of a USB flash drive and provides access to all program functions. As you might guess, there are two of them: to block the flash drive, and to unlock it.

USB secure for Windows

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