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USB Shield for Windows

USB Shield – how much it was said about the viruses on USB carriers. But, as it turned out, it was said little … not small, and perhaps most of modern computer viruses are transferred to USB carriers. Many viruses are even written specifically for distribution through removable devices.

This program will be nothing more than a shield against parasites with flash drives. It turns off the autostart and shows all suspicious, according to the program, files on the flash drive. When scanning, the program will quickly check all catalogs for the presence of malicious software, but will not find infected files. But there is one “but”. If you have an antivirus program installed and active at the time of this check, then the check will take place with your antivirus. It follows that USB Shield 2.0 is an excellent addition to your antivirus.

Having discovered malicious software during the check of flash drives, the program includes it on the list, which is not difficult to find. You can select files that you definitely are not familiar with and delete by pressing the corresponding button. P.S. This program is not a 100% guarantee that viruses will not get from flash drives, but can guarantee 99%.

USB Shield for Windows

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