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ViPNet Office Firewall for Windows


ViPNet Office Firewall is a universal software tool that provides reliable server and local network protection from unauthorized access to various information and hardware resources via IP protocol when working with local or global networks, such as the Internet.

ViPNet Office Firewall allows
Protect local networks from almost all known attacks (WinNuke, Land, Teardrop, Ssping, Tear2, NewTear, Bonk, Boink, Dest_Unreach, UDP flood, Ping flood, OOBnuke, Back Orifice, NetBus, Executer, Masters of Paradise, etc.);
Set a separate security policy for each network interface;
Ensure the independence of the firewall from the operating system and undocumented features in it;
Control all flows of information passing through the Firewall and record all the necessary data in a log;
The following operating systems are supported: Windows NT/2000/XP, Linux. Benefits of ViPNetOffice Firewall:
The software implementation of the product eliminates the need to purchase additional equipment;
ViPNet Office Firewall supports an unlimited number of network adapters;
Optimum price/functionality ratio, ease of installation and configuration of the product;
The ability to further create a full-fledged VPN using the ViPNet product line.
The ViPNet Office Firewall software is installed on the gateway server to protect local network computers from unauthorized access when working with Internet resources. ViPNet Office Firewall controls all IP traffic passing through the gateway server (network throat). The optimal mode for protecting the local network from attacks from the Internet is the “Boomerang” (“Stealth”) mode. In this mode, access to external network (Internet) resources is allowed only on the initiative of computers on the internal (local) network. The analysis of packets arriving during the connection is carried out according to a large number of parameters (address, protocol, port), therefore attacks and unauthorized access to your local network and to the gateway server at this time from any other addresses or using other protocols are impossible, even from those computers on the Internet with which you have connected.

ViPNet Office Firewall for Windows

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