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ViPNet OFFICE is a software solution for organizing virtual private networks (VPNs) of typical configurations – secure ViPNet™ networks. ViPNet OFFICE is designed for use in small local and distributed IP networks and ensures secure operation of remote VPN users with any type of Internet connection. ViPNet OFFICE is a software package that contains three ViPNet technology components: ViPNet Manager, ViPNet Coordinator and ViPNet Client.

Unlike the ViPNet CUSTOM solution, a secure network is created and modified using ViPNet Manager. ViPNet Manager is a light version of the ViPNet Administrator software that allows you to easily and intuitively set up and modify the structure of a secure ViPNet™ network. The Driver included in the ViPNet Coordinator and ViPNet Client provides secure encryption of IP traffic, as well as firewall and personal firewall functions, respectively.

CIPF Domain-K is used as a cryptographic core in the ViPNet OFFICE solution software. If you need to build a VPN quickly, efficiently and for little money and ensure secure transmission of information over the Internet, then ViPNet OFFICE is the most optimal solution for your tasks.

ViPNet Office for Windows

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