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Viscosity is a program that will allow you to securely access the resources you need on the network by creating a secure encrypted tunnel for this. Perfect for both personal and corporate use.

About the program
To use Viscosity, you need to set up at least one VPN connection. For this, the program has a special menu. However, if a file with the appropriate settings is already saved on your computer, no additional configuration is required. If there are no corresponding settings on the computer, you will have to manually fill in several fields, including network and proxy settings, login and password, and also specify a number of other parameters.

One of the main features of Viscosity is the ability to manage multiple connections. The program does not limit the user by the number of VPN connections, which allows you to create as many networks as you need. By default, the connection to the created network is carried out manually, but this is for ease of use, the program has the function of automating this task.

This program is perfect for corporate users who need a permanent secure remote connection to their work computer, but it will also be useful for individuals. It provides reliable protection of data during their transfer and allows you to protect important information from hackers, while the user is only required to enter the necessary settings once.

Viscosity for Windows

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