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wire guard for Windows


WireGuard is a program that offers a free and transparent VPN solution that uses sophisticated cryptographic algorithms to provide fast and secure online protection.

About the WireGuard App
With this program, you will be able to redirect your traffic through multiple VPN tunnels without losing transmission speed. The main objective of the program is to provide advanced and simple users with a reliable and convenient VPN tool to protect their data and surf the web freely.

Once installed, WireGuard starts up and sits in the system tray, and settings and controls are accessed through the context menu. This menu displays the current status (active inactive), and here you can quickly switch between tunnels. In the settings, you can manage the list of available tunnels.

In general, the application is notable for its simplicity, it does not have numerous incomprehensible settings. However, it does protect user privacy by using VPN technology to redirect traffic.

wire guard for Windows

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