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Z[C] Anti-WinLocker for Windows

Z[C] Anti-WinLocker is a program for detecting malware/viruses of the Trojan WinLock family and curing the system from this threat.

When signs of infection are detected, Z[C] Anti-WinLocker is able to eliminate the threat both automatically (without user intervention; recommended!), And semi-automatically (with user participation). The utility practically does not need settings, or rather, all settings are minimized, as a result of which it will be convenient and understandable even for inexperienced users.

Program features
Detection of malicious programs of the Trojan WinLock family;
Elimination of the results of the activities of programs of the Trojan WinLock family;
Continuous system check;
System security level indicator depending on Z[C] Anti-WinLocker settings;
Backup system files;
Automatic update;
Checking removable media when connected;
Simple and clear interface;
In unregistered, some functions are not available.


Z[C] Anti-WinLocker for Windows

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